Letters to my Children · July 2014

Dear Daniel,

My sweet spirited boy, my whirlwind of endless energy…you have been extremely active ever since you figured out how to roll across the living room floor at only three months and pretty much haven’t stopped moving since. You are a busy, busy boy and love to explore, run and climb. You thrive being outdoors and playing in the dirt and collecting rocks, leaves and other treasures. You also love to dance and have spontaneous “baby dance parties” (as you call them) whenever you hear music of any kind…whether it be the monotone lullaby on your baby monitor or gangster rap blasting from a passing car. If only I could figure out a way to harness your energy and sell it, we would be rich beyond imagination, ha ha.

You are also extremely social which is a bit surprising to me as your mama is more introverted. When we are out and about running errands, you insist on saying “hi” to everyone that passes by and always run up to greet all the strangers at the playground. You have no sense of other people’s personal space and don’t quite understand why other people aren’t as friendly as you. Even though you can be a little “intense” sometimes, you also have an incredibly tender heart…you are extremely loving, sensitive and empathetic. You are very aware of other people’s feelings and I know your compassionate nature and love for others is truly a gift.

As you continue to grow, I hope you learn to channel your intensity and passion in a a positive way and use it to do great things. In the meantime, I will continue to pray everyday for energy and grace to keep up with you, ha ha. Some days are harder than others and you often leave me utterly exhausted by the time your bedtime approaches (especially after you decided to give up naps almost a year ago). After you fall asleep though, I always make a point to go into your room and lay down by your side and pray for you as I run my fingers through your soft hair. In the stillness of these moments, all the challenging parts of the day fade away as I reflect on the moments of joy and laughter instead. As I kiss your cheek one last time and tuck you in, I always find myself missing you and leave your room overwhelmed with love and even more thankful for the incredible gift that you are.

I love you my sweet crazy boy.




Blond Toddler Boy | Bethany Mattioli Photography - Morgan Hill Children PhotographerBlond Toddler Boy | Bethany Mattioli Photography - Morgan Hill Children PhotographerBlond Toddler Boy | Bethany Mattioli Photography - Morgan Hill Children PhotographerBlond Toddler Boy | Bethany Mattioli Photography - Bay Area Children Photographer

This post is part of a year long project where a group of talented photographers/mothers and I write monthly letters to our children. Please continue the blog circle to see what Christy has written.

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